Sound Healing is an opportunity to become resonant not only in your body but with the world around you.

This site is the only one in Michigan that solely deals with Sound Healing. Sound Healing is a harmonious and profound way to emotional and physical health through alignment with one’s true divine nature. Since we live in a Universe of Advanced Harmonics, everything in our environment and bodies are frequencies in motion. All of this is managed by a cosmic law of attraction. Our intention is to allow awareness of a well-functioning resonant and harmonic state of well-being.

Training Begins June, 2013

"You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion—and all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction. There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature..."
I am LOVING your music!! I’ve been referring to your site

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Gretchen Weger Snell, BS, DiHOM